First thing we need to recognize is that the entire framing of the debate of whether or not to wear face masks is problematic. So even before we begin to engage in the conversation, we need to understand how it is flawed, how the framing is saddled with reductionist logic.

Both sides are arguing over only one aspect of the many relevant domains of inquiry. Do facemasks "work" or not? Well we need to expand what we mean by "work", first and foremost.

The way this issue is generally presented reminds me of Pascal's…

For the past few summers I've been living and working out in Olympic national park. I often sit out on the porch of my cabin, looking out at the old growth forest, and I let my mind run. Sometimes I write these thoughts down, sometimes I let them run free without trying to catch them.

Alan Watts once declared that real religion transforms anxiety into laughter.

In that spirit, I offer to y'all a few of my mystic meanderings from this past summer, an often incendiary spark behind many spontaneous and uncontrolled fits of laughter that I have shared with…

Recently, I completed a twenty-one day Vipassana meditation retreat at a monastery in Northern Thailand.

Both reading and writing were prohibited for participants, but at the time, I felt a clear recollection of the wild roller-coaster of experiences that I was having warranted an exception to the rule.
I didn't record any notes for the first half of the retreat, because up to this point, it was all roses and rainbows for the most part.
My teacher, Alex, he'd meet with me either once or twice per day, giving me different exercises to practice for both the walking and the sitting meditations…

Seven years ago, I made a decision to leave my prior life behind and step into a new chapter. This was a conscious step away from the pandemic of dis-ease so rampant within our modern way of life. I wanted to experience another world. I didn't know what that new world would look like, but I knew Health would play a prominent role within it...

This desire took me off on a journey in which I'm still travelling. I learned from Indigenous wisdom keepers living in constant communication with a living world. I explored the integral role that community plays…

Dependent on the situation, I'll usually just look into that person's eyes with a big smile and nod my head.

But sometimes, I'll see a door that invites me to go deeper. And I'll reply:

"Do you really wanna know how I'm doing?"

Because I want to share with you how I feel.

I really do.

But how I feel. I don't wanna exchange superficial pleasantries with you or get caught up in cerebral cobwebs.

I wanna share what's alive in this moment, what yearns to live and breathe in the space between us.

So how am I?

Well, I'm…

One of the things I appreciate so much about working out here in Shenandoah National Park each Fall is the extraordinary diversity among all my co-workers. You’ve got all the regulars from down in the valley that make up the bulk of the staff for the season. But then, for the busy changing of the leaves season, the lodge amps up their hiring, drawing new employees from a seasonal pool of workers in Alaska and then from former employees of Tiger’s stadium in Detroit. So you have inner city Detroit to rural Paige county and all these totally random data…

Let’s begin with a thought exercise.

Suppose for a moment that we are shopping for dinner. Assuming all other things to be equal, we have a choice of two items to purchase for dinner tonight.

The first set of items are a package of soy burgers and whole wheat buns. The second set of items are a pork chop and a bunch of asparagus.

The first set of items were produced in various places. The soy was grown by a large farm somewhere in South America owned by a major multinational corporation. The wheat was grown by a large farm…

This is a story about surrender.

Two months ago, I fell into the abyss. I looked into her eyes and I saw myself. I was like a weary traveler kicking off his shoes after countless lives spent as a nomadic wanderer adrift through the incessant flux of time. For that moment though, the calm stillness within the chaos of perpetual motion pervaded my entire being. There was no doubt about it, I could feel it as a resolute fact animating each new breath: Finally, I was home.

Since that prolonged gaze into my Soul, the story that has told itself…

Me too.

Actually, that’s not true.

I’ve never had a sexually traumatic experience where I felt a victim. I don’t recall ever worrying about my safety nor even feeling uncomfortable due to any sort of sexual harassment or predation. I mean, I’ve endured unwelcome gropes and grabs and jeers at times, by both women and men, but as a result of my immense privilege, I’ve always felt fully in control of my fate.

Because the fact that I’m a man, a relatively large and athletic man, a well-educated man that has *learned* and acquired a high sense of confidence and…

Bill Moyers: “unlike the classical heroes, we’re not going on a journey to save the world but rather to save ourselves.”

Joseph Campbell: “And in doing that you save the world. You do. The influence of a vital person vitalizes. There’s no doubt about it. The world is a wasteland. People have the notion of saving the world by shifting it around and changing the rules and so forth…No, any world is a living world if it’s alive. And the thing is to bring it to life. …

Tim Witting

Nomadic Monastic

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